13017 SNOW

SNOW! This quartet is ready to celebrate the season...bring on the snow!

14004 Santa Convention

Even Santa loves conventions! Paint this jolly trio on a cement garden edger.

14008 Away in a Manger

A donkey, a lamb and a cow....perfect for a subtle nod to the birth of Christ or perfect for a farm choose.

14009 Sweet Greetings!

A popular gingerbread, surrounded by sweets, great year round but especially fun at Christmas!

14012 Merry Santa!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, Santa is painted on a regular cement brick.

14013 Snowy Welcome!

Let the snow fly, these guys are happy to welcome all.

14016 Floral Snowman Skate

Funky flowers and a happy snowman make this a cheerful skate!

14017 Gumdrop Garden Skate

Sweet gumdrops grow among the

14018 Library of Congress Skate

Based on an original design painted on a wooden book for the Library of Congress project spearheaded by Deb Malewski. More information comes with the pattern.

14019 Paisley Santa

Pretty paisley with a fun Santa!

14020 Happy H'owl'idays!

A retro feel with a fun greeting! This guy is ready to hoot with holiday joy!

14021 Snowman Convention

Gathered together to celebrate!

18001 Brrr

A bear, a moose and a penguin ...oh my! This trio is ready to brave the chilly winter weather.

18003 Candied Santa & Friends

Santa and friends are enjoying the bounty of Christmas sweet treats!

18005 Woodland Duo Ornamnets

These cute critters are painted on flat wood ornaments from Bear With Us.

18006 Woodland Trio Ornaments

Painted on canvas squares, then attached to card stock...quick and easy ornaments.

19001 Antique Santa

Paint this charming old fella on a regular sized brick. Pattern originally appeared for a short time on the PWM Blog.

21002 Sparkle, Shimmer & Shine!

Take your lighting decorations to a whole new level with this fun pattern and recycle while you do!

21003 Convertible Kitties

3 Kitties ready to decorate for the holidays. Halloween & Christmas designs included. Great for everyday too.

21005 Lets Get Crackin

Lets get cracking with your holiday decor with this fun fella.

21010 Gnome for the holidays.

Fall into Winter with a stop at Christmas on the way with these homey gnomes.

21011 Jumbo Ornament Trio

Say Merry Christmas with this fun trio!

21012 Christmas Cuties - Bazaar Doll Series

This fun doll trio makes for a fun Christmas decoration. Wood available from Kellogg & Co. Wood Products.

21015 Holiday Barrel Ornament Trio

Fun for the holidays.

21016 Old Fashion Christmas

Fun painting technique on collage paper.

21017 Blue Christmas Skate

Feeling blue this Christmas/ Paint this fun design to brighten your day.

21019 Mardi Gras Mask

It is Mardi Gras time.

21023 Gourdgeous Ornament Trio

Fun with mini gourds!

21027 O Christmas Tree Ornament Set

Paint on wood shapes or even watercolor paper.

22001 Welcome Winter!

This cool duo welcomes the new season!

22002 Holly Jolly

Ho ho ho!

22003 Furry and Bright!


22010 Sleigh Bells Ring

Jingle jingle

22014 Santa Wreath Ornament

Perfect for adorning a wreath or even a cookie jar!

22019 Christmas Trio

Fun with shoes.

Arctic Trio

This trio of friends are all ready for the Winter season. Painted on a cement paver.

Baby Skate

Believe -Chair

This pattern features a charming fellow painted on an old wooden chair found at a local flea market. This design can be painted on many other surfaces too! Stretch you imagination.

Believe in Magic

You'll believe in the magic painting this charming trio!


Originally in Pixelated Palette, now available online and in packet form. One of three in a series.


Let your holidays be filled with cheer...

Christmas Party!

The whole gang is together to celebrate.

Citrus Kitchen

Citrus Kitchen All spiced up and ready to show!

Citrus Skate

Citrus Skate Gingerbread, cinnaon sticks and fruit...

Citrus Welcome!

Citrus Welcome! Gingerbread, citrus and more...oh my!

Cones & Cookies!

This pattern includes both skate designs, a 'two-fer'! Painted directly onto clean white skates, no need for basecoating unless desired.

Cupcake Cuties

These two cuties are looking forward to sharing the sweet!

Cupcake Party!

It's always a party with gingerbread and cupcakes!


Looking for a star...

Dog Rainbow Bridge

The furry friends we love so much can be remembered with this design. You can also drop the halo and change the words for a current pet.

e19005 Be Merry!

Happy for the holidays, this trio will delight and be merry!

e19006 Sweater Santa!

Santa is all decked out, with his sweater printed beard and a fun background!

e19007 Warmest Wishes!

This gingerbread brings war wishes all through the year!

Fall Harvest

Fall is time for the harvest....

Forest Santa & Friends

Another in our series of versatile 6 x 6" flat canvas panels. Use them together or separately, you get multiple uses from one pattern.


Frosty! Ready to glide...

Gifts Galore

A time for giving and this snow friend is all ready!

Halloween BOO! Owl

Whoooo is in the woods.....

Happy Trio Ornament Set

These 3 ornament designs are based on our popular brick edger patterns. All 3 patterns are included.

Ho Ho Ho Santa Brick

Ho Ho Ho Santa painted on a standard red brick.

Holiday Trio

Santa and his friends welcome the holidays! Painted on a cement edger.

Holiday Trio Skate

Santa, gingerbread and a snowman, what more says Happy Holidays!?

I Want Candy

#8001 These three fellas have sweet cravings...

Jingle All The Way!

Jingle All The Way! Ready to lead the way , be it on a sled or on the ice!


As happy as his name implies, Jolly is ready for the holidays!

Jolly Santa

A right jolly old elf!


Painted on 6"x6" flat canvas squares, this happy trio is ready for the holidays! Paint as a group or alone.

Joy & Jolly

This pair of Santas are ready to deliver!

Keep Calm & Frost On!

Sort of like frost on the pumpkin only with Jack O'Lanterns!

Keepers of the Cards

Functional yet cute, a great way to display cards, notes, even photos!

Lighthouse Greetings!

All decorated for the season, this lighthouse lights the way to the holidays!

Meowy Christmas

A purr-fect way to greet the holiday!

Merry Christmas Geese!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

North Pole Ornament Set

This pattern comes with three desisgns, just in time for Christmas!

Patchwork Gingerbread

Warm gingerbread wishes are coming your way!

Patchwork Santa

Santa skates into the season in style!

Patchwork Santa Tag Ornaments

Patchwork Santas Tag Ornaments Great for on a tree or on a package. Wood available from


Watching for Santa!

Primitive Snowman

A bit more prim than most of my designs, he still is a cutie!

Primitive Trio

This prim trio is ready for the season!

Red Ryder!

A nod to sled riding of olde.....

Roly Poly Gingers

Third in the series, these plump fellows are not half baked!

Roly Poly Snowmen

Next up in the roly poly series, these guys have friends!

Roly Poly Trio

The first in a series, these guys will roll their way into your heart!


This snowman is in a patriotic mood.

Santa Keys

Originally in Pixelated Palette, now available online and in packet form.

Santa Message Board

Turn an old ironing board into a message center. Write your own message on the chalkboard he holds! Resize pattern to fit your project.

Santa Trio Ornaments

All three of these Santas want to adorn your Christmas tree or packages.

Santas Tree Farm

Santa's quite the entrepreneur, with the help of his snow buddies selling Christmas trees will never be the same.

Sleigh Ride

With Dasher & Dancer leading the way , Santa is sure to ride his sleigh!

Sno' Buddies!

Friendship shows, these three are just waiting for snow!

Snow Boots

Pattern includes different sizes to use on boots, shoes or skates!

Snow Brothers Mitten Factory!

Similar to an older design, Snow Buddies, the brothers have opened their own mitten factory!

Snow Friends Welcome!

This frosty fella loves his feathered friends.


Originally in Pixelated Palette, now available online and in packet form. One of three in a series.

St. Nick!

St.Nick! Ho ho ho.....time for Santa!

Starry Night

Saltbox houses sit upon a hill, laced with homespun.

Steampunk Duo Ornament Set

Perfect for the tree or on the wall.

Steampunk Santa

Santa is all ready to board that train!

Steampunk Snowman

Ready to star in his own steampunk adventure!

Steampunk Trio

Celebrating Christmas with a little Steampunk, this one could also be displayed year round.

Steampunk Trio Ornaments

A fun trio for any tree.

Stringing Lights!

So much fun decorating...


Happy among her flowers....

Sweet Joy

A gingerbread in traditional colors, ready for the holidays.

Sweet Season Stockings

This ornament set features four fun characters from Christmas!

Top Hat Holly

Simple but elegant, these charming snowmen are sure to melt your heart.


Tumbling down the skate, these guys are ready to welcome the winter season!

wacky Santas Ornament Set

These 5 Santas in this pattern are a bit different than my usual...hence the wackiness!

Welcome Flakes Snowman

Ready and waiting for snow...

Welcome Winter Round Paver

The first in a series of round pavers.


Trying to catch the wind...painted on an old skate.

Winter Tweets

Inspired by a pair of cardinals in my yard, these two love to visit with their flaky friend!

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland These six snow'people' have gathered to celebrate Winter!

Woodland Santa Trio

Santa has been delivering gifts in the forest and these two have joined him in the celebration.

Ye' Old Bake Shoppe

This frosty fella loves his feathered friends.

Ye' Old Candy Shoppe

Someone has a sweet tooth!